How Do You Find Your Inner Passion?

How Do You Find Your Inner Passion?

First clear your mind, take a good look and reflect on yourself before you begin to do anything else.

Take a few deep breaths. 1, 2, 3, release.

Now clear your mind because this is all for your passion after all, so take these initial steps into serious consideration for the best results.

Now that you're relaxed think about some hobbies, activities and places that you enjoyed as a child or even a few years or even days back if that's what it takes.

Imagine what you were doing. What do you see?

Seriously write down and speak into existence what you saw.

Out of what you saw do you feel like you have an idea or some type of talent or gift that you are good enough with to develop that idea into a potential money making business?

If you know you have this talent then ask yourself, "What has been holding me back from using it?"

Were you afraid of getting criticized about it or were you nervous that it just may not be good enough?

FUNNY thing is, we can't know if it's good enough if we never even put it out.

Think about it, who would ever know it existed outside of you and a few friends who either forgot about it or never cared?

You have to have the courage to go outside the norm and do what will make you happy.

The other day I cracked open a fortune cookie that read, "Doing what you love is freedom. Loving what you do is happiness."

Yo, at that moment it clicked! This fortune cookie was either reading my life or trying to guide me somewhere.

It's like when you speak something into the atmosphere and then see it bloom into existence. What a beautiful sight.

This is my story.

Thinking about my company for some time then finally, releasing everything holding me back, I began putting everything into motion.

Yes, running your own company is stressful. But at the same token it is surprisingly rewarding because it's my dream, my vision, that I make work for myself.

I hope that this was an interesting read and helped you on your journey to realizing your inner Rex/Reina. Please follow me on IG @r3xbeast to follow me on my journey. Also check out my website for shirts and new music. Peace. #RexTalk